The hospitality industry is becoming increasingly reliant on contactless payment methods, and for good reasons. In addition to incorporating the latest technology, they make your guests’ experience more enjoyable. This concept needs to be examined in greater detail.

  1. A Viable Hygienic Solution

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact on the hospitality industry. It is for this reason that “business as usual” needs to be redefined. In the future, guests will be more concerned about hygiene than ever before. It is likely that this trend will continue for many years to come. Thus, non-physical methods of payment will become increasingly popular in the future. Undoubtedly, hotels that offer such services will stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

  1. Fast and Secure

According to most experts, contactless payments can be completed in 15 seconds, twice as fast as debit or credit cards. Rapidity is obvious convenience for those in a hurry or who have just returned from a long trip.

As a result of the unique encryption algorithms used by these systems, the hospitality sector can benefit from these payment methods. The information contained on a card (or a phone) cannot be disclosed to anyone else in the event that it is lost.

Similar to duplicate transactions that may be fraudulent, these points will undoubtedly give your guests extra peace of mind. Payments using contactless technology use a form of wireless encryption that virtually eliminates the possibility of data loss or corruption.

  1. Superior Levels of Customer Satisfaction

If you want to enjoy higher booking and retention rates, you must focus on the end-user experience. Transactions can be completed much faster with contactless payments.

These methods can sometimes be used to offer upgrades and in-house amenities that the guest might otherwise overlook if the transaction process is simplified.

This brings us to the final (and perhaps most relevant) point.

  1. The Ability to Offer Bespoke Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programs offer many benefits to hotel managers.

 Here are some examples:

In addition to offering points for contactless payments, hotel loyalty programs can also reward guests for using these systems. Points can be used to reduce room rates, offer discounts at the in-house restaurant, or create other attractive offers that make your franchise or boutique property stand out.

Lastly, in these critical times, it is essential to build a positive image of your brand.


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