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Our mission is to provide the hospitality industry with a superior level of service and guest experience through our innovative, state-of-the-art software platform. Our core values emphasise our passion for the leisure industry through innovation and customer supremacy. Our vision is to revolutionise the hotel experience through the power of technology.

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Servr is a place where bright minds come together to share ideas and make things happen. We listen to our customers, we learn from our mistakes, we look for new ways of thinking to help build products that really help. If you think you have what it takes, contact us on:

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At Servr, we maintain a culture of belonging and integrity. We celebrate diversity, treat people with respect, and provide equal opportunities for employment, growth, and advancement. We expect everyone to bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the table, listen and learn from customers and go above and beyond without boundaries

Servr Values

Servr Mission

Our mission is to maximize, for the hospitality industry, the most superior level of service and guest experience through ground breaking, state-of-the-art software. With core values that emphasize our passion for the leisure industry through innovation and enterprise, Our vision is to revolutionize the hotel experience through the power of technology.

For hoteliers, by hoteliers

“Servr started out of a gap that I sought to fill in the hotel industry. I had identified a problem in The unintuitive hotel technology and outdated infrastructure. It all began with an experience that I had during my stay at a 5-star luxury hotel. While in my hotel room, I needed to contact the reception desk. I was, however, taken aback by the only means of communication provided – a landline phone. I picked up the phone and rang the reception line. What followed was an excruciatingly long wait before my call had been answered. This experience had me thinking about how the hotel industry had made great strides in other aspects, yet still adopted archaic means of communication. In an era of smartphones; the super-computer at the palm of our hands that connects us with the world in an instant, the hotel industry still lagged in leveraging technology.

“I decided to be the change that I wanted to see in the industry.”

Not one to sit back and wait for change, I decided to be the change that I wanted to see in the industry. I resolved to provide a solution. Hence, Servr was born. From an early age, I was naturally inclined to the hotel industry, having been brought up by parents who owned a 7-star awarded boutique hotel in Bali. In the summer holidays, I took to learning the ropes of the industry by working at my parents’ hotel, alternating between various departments from the front desk to a pastry chef apprentice, to shadowing the general manager.

During this time, I interacted with inefficient and outdated systems such as PMS and distribution channels systems. I realized that this itself, impeded hotel-guest relations. After extensive research, I gained insights that hotels had side-lined technology in their communication systems. Guests unanimously agreed that they did not enjoy being stuck in queues to check-in and out of their hotels. Our solution was to make hotel communication systems accessible through smartphones. Hotel services would be just a click away.

“At Servr, we aim to raise hotels’ guest satisfaction to a paramount level.”

At Servr, we aim to raise hotels’ guest satisfaction to a paramount level. We seek to create a shift in the industry; it is not business as usual. We are redefining the whole guest experience within hotels on a new scale by moving all hotel services onto one intuitive application. We believe that communication between hotels and guests should be swift and interactive. We are revolutionizing the industry to be more adaptable to futuristic hospitality needs.I founded Servr while still studying in Goldsmiths,University of London, learning Business Management Entrepreneurship.

I got fuelled by a desire to make a difference in the industry by enhancing seamless interactions between hotels and their guests. A student armed with nothing more than a burning idea and advice I received from my parents; I used my limited finances to start my business. Everything that I created for Servr, I learnt along the way.We equip hotels with cutting edge technology that shapes guest experience by allowing a personalized and seamless experience. Servr’s superior system gives hotels an edge in the face of intense competition from leading hotels. It is a no brainer. We offer the highest level of service for hotels.”

– Adi P. Founder of Servr hotels


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