From family-owned restaurants to the world’s most luxurious hotels, advanced technology has become an essential component of the hospitality industry. Digital transformation influences the guest experience before they enter the building and their perception of your brand all year. Here is a comprehensive guide to utilizing modern technology in your hotel and providing the best possible experience for your guests.

After Covid-19, it’s clear that contactless technology is here to stay in the hotel industry for a variety of reasons. In this article, we’ll look at how new technologies can help to improve the guest experience.

Making Online Booking A Priority

The traditional method of booking a hotel room by phone is no longer the preferred method for guests. People booking their stays online with mobile devices increased by 67% in 2016. That number is likely to have increased in recent years as technology has advanced, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic.

If there are any problems or delays during this first stage, guests will look for another option. That’s why you need to stand out with a mobile-first hotel website and booking engine that allows guests to see photos of available rooms and amenities and provides easy, one-stop booking.

A mobile first, responsive website and booking engine ensures that the booking process is the same regardless of the device they use (phone, tablet, or laptop). A modern booking engine will also allow you to provide automated payment options, special discounts, and up selling options.

Allowing Self Check-In

Another technology that has quickly gained traction in the hotel industry is contactless check-in, and here’s why. Guests are no longer required to wait at the front desk for their room keys. They should be able to use their mobile devices to enter the building and access their rooms. This first interaction will help you establish rapport with your guests and demonstrate that they made the right choice by staying at your hotel.

It works similarly to an airline ticket in that guests can swipe into their rooms using a digital barcode or QR Code obtained when booking their stay. A stress-free check-in can completely change the tone of a visit, as it is typically the part of the hotel experience that guests dread the most. The majority of visitors just want to find their rooms and relax.

Self-check-in also reduces the workload of your front-desk staff, allowing them to devote their full attention to guest issues. During busier times of the year, when they would otherwise be overwhelmed with many guests trying to check in all at once, they can make recommendations and have a more pleasant attitude.

Upgrading your Hotel with High-Tech Amenities

Once a guest has settled into their room, you should seize any opportunity to showcase your hotel’s high-tech amenities. Providing fast Wi-Fi throughout the building is the simplest way to impress your guests. According to polls, 70% of guests value a secure internet connection over other factors such as parking and food options.

One of the primary drivers of this trend is the recent emphasis on virtual events, which necessitates faster internet and more modern digital communication tools such as video conferencing. Your hotel must have these capabilities to compete in the post-COVID world, where virtual business will be the norm.

Other technologies in your hotel can improve the guest experience even more. A cutting-edge HVAC system improves the air quality and smell of the building. A relaxing atmosphere is enhanced by appropriate music in the lobby and other gathering areas. HD TVs, new bathroom supplies, gym/pool accessories, and other such details will all contribute to a well-rounded guest experience.

Gathering Feedback to Improve Guest Experience

Obtaining feedback from guests is the only reliable way to identify and improve your hotel’s flaws.

Traditional online reviews are still useful, but you should also create custom surveys that ask the appropriate questions. This way, you’ll be able to get more direct and valuable criticisms rather than the random complaints that are common in unscripted reviews.

Your website, social media, and mobile app all allow you to collect organic and useful data from your visitors. Interact with them and ask probing questions about their lives. They will see that you value their feedback and will view your brand favorably.

You might think that technology makes things less personal and more robotic, but this is not the case: Technology, when used correctly, allows you to create a more unique experience by providing more customization options and making the booking and check-in process much easier.

You can set up an instant messaging platform to communicate and assist guests in real-time problem-solving, giving your customers a true human connection through technology.

Put your faith in technology to improve your hotel’s operations. Concentrate on the details, and technology will guide your company to new heights of success!


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