Guest Management is the process of greeting, identifying, and moving guests through an organisation so they can complete their tasks. Some organisations are very informal and do not have a standardised system, while others have dedicated receptionists and still others use electronic Guest Management Systems to streamline the process.

Guests check in at a kiosk or other workstation in most electronic Guest Management Systems. The software records the following information about the visit:

Other features of the software may include the ability to automatically notify the guest’s host, send emails to the guest, open forms for e-signature, and more.

Enhances Workplace Safety & Security

A dependable Guest Management system, such as Servr, includes touchless and contactless check-in and check-out features, removing the need for human intervention. In addition, with features such as touchless body temperature screening and safety mask detection, Guest Management software may be the only option.

Streamlines Guest Management Process

Meetings, conferences, interviews, and other events requiring personal interactions can be scheduled for a specific date, allowing you to proceed with these social events without worrying about event overlaps or virus transmission.

In addition, any uninvited Guest can be evaluated and screened for safety before being admitted to the premises.

Improves The Guest Check-In Experience

In terms of visibility and footprint, Guest Management Systems have come a long way. Many VMS solutions now include a virtually invisible security system that screens, identifies, and logs every Guest’s data, allowing businesses to provide a hassle-free check-in experience.

A security system powered by AI and cloud technology relieves your security personnel of additional responsibilities.

Keeps A Record Of Guests

Every Guest who checks into the building is recorded by a smart VMS. A modern VMS is every business owner’s best bet for enhanced security and better management of Guest operations, from recording their face ID to storing the data on the cloud for future reference.

Improves Employee Productivity

A VMS is not just for your visitors. Employees can easily enter the building without fear of contracting the virus. Employees had to touch the fingerprint scanner for the system to recognise their unique fingerprint ID in older VMS solutions.

However, with facial and iris recognition systems in place, human touch is becoming obsolete. Employees can protect themselves, save time, and virtually organise their tasks, increasing productivity.

Analyze & Review Guests Logbook In Real-Time

Because of cloud integrations and virtual dashboards that enable real-time data reports, businesses can analyse and review Guest data at any time. Furthermore, these reports assist you in reviewing your overall Guest operations and making data-driven decisions to improve your overall organisational productivity.

Alerts & Assists You During Emergencies

Guest Management Systems now include SOS features that notify the enterprise administrator in the event of a fire or natural disaster. Some VMS solutions keep the admin in charge of issuing alerts because, while AI is capable of nudging people to evacuate a building, human intervention is required to avoid false alarms.


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