Even if creating a mobile app for your business is certain to make your life easier, hotel owners and managers still oppose the idea.

The entire nature of mobile devices inside the visitor booking journey is finally being acknowledged by the travel industry.

Many hotels have recently made their websites mobile-friendly and enabled Facebook and mobile booking. The use of mobile applications has been less successful.

Only 25% of properties are now utilising an app in their commercial strategy, despite the fact that over 75% of properties acknowledge the significance of one. This implies that there is a large possibility for hotels to establish a competitive advantage.

Since 80% of internet users browse on their smartphones, there is a market that can be exploited. An app will significantly aid you in improving this in a sector where customer service is king. The choice is still conceivable and will benefit both parties even if your hotel is a smaller one.

Here are 8 reasons your hotel should have its own mobile app:
  1. Hotel apps offer a more optimised booking experience

Once a traveller downloads your app, they will have immediate access to information about your hotel and be able to book with a few thumb-touches if they so want. Both parties will benefit from the time savings, and your guest will have a better experience.

  1. An app will help you track more guest data

You will have easier and more focused access to visitor data and behavioural patterns through the booking process and during their stay if you use an app. When creating pricing or marketing plans, data is one of the most potent tools at your disposal because it enables you to make precise predictions and defensible conclusions.

  1. You can maintain brand awareness for your hotel

Since apps are among the most popular and widely used items on a smartphone, if your app has been downloaded, a user is likely to see it frequently and keep it in mind when they decide to look for lodging.

  1. Increase customer service at your property

Your hotel app will assist a guest not just throughout the booking process but also while they are there. They can use your app to make service requests, purchases, upgrade selections, schedule appointments, etc., and you’ll be notified right away. On the other side, you may also immediately inform visitors of exclusive specials and promotions. Everybody’s life will be made easier as a result of the organisation and automation of all requests.

  1. Integrate your communication with an app

Your app can interface with a variety of communication channels, including social media. Even if they haven’t seen a Facebook update, a tweet, or aren’t on your mailing list, it’s a good method to keep visitors informed about your hotel.

  1. Create a more effective guest loyalty program

By enabling visitors to earn points for various app actions, a hotel app will offer a stronger platform for your guest loyalty programme. They can then visit a hub to view their progress and possibly immediately redeem their incentives. Additionally, reviews can be added to the app before, during, or after a guest’s stay. While the visitor is still staying at the hotel, if you see a less-than-positive review, you might be able to correct it right away and address the bad comments.

  1. Use your app to act as a tour guide

Similar to Google Trips, you may utilise your app to provide visitors the finest recommendations for where to dine, what to do, and where to go sightseeing in the neighbourhood. This can be used with an interactive map to prevent them from getting lost and to help them plan their route more effectively.

  1. Adapt to any language

As long as there is no misunderstanding, communication between guests and hotels will automatically translate back and forth, making the experience more pleasant for everyone involved. Travelers will be able to configure the app to the language they feel most comfortable with.


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