Contactless Guest Experience

From traditionally welcoming hotel guests at the lobby to contactless hotel guest experience the overall hospitality industry has transformed a lot post-pandemic which acted as a catalyst for this process of adapting to the new normal. According to a 2020 Criton poll, the majority of clients would choose a digital experience over traditional hotel services. More precisely, 62 percent of those polled indicated they would like a digitised check-in, 80 percent would want to handle all aspects of their stay using an app, and 47 percent said they would order room services more enthusiastically if they could do so using contactless technology. Now, in 2021, hotels are considerably more conscious of the customer’s constantly changing expectations, aiming for a more smooth and secure guest experience. Prior to the worldwide pandemic, the hotel industry lagged significantly behind the global commerce environment in terms of payment technology. With hotels fast adjusting to the digital revolution and the rise of contactless technologies, hoteliers can now give guests a better overall guest experience while remaining competitive and giving digital-savvy travelers a comprehensive digital offering. With an increasing number of young travellers and tourists experiencing pandemic concern, demand for digital hospitality solutions is expected to rise, and early adopters will undoubtedly gain a competitive advantage.

How to employ this magic in yours?

Contactless technology solutions are one of the best ways to regain the trust with guests for hoteliers.According to a 2019 survey by Starfleet Research and Oracle Hospitality, 86% of hotels agreed that AI boosted staff and guest happiness. Hotels must radically rethink their service design based on the new preferences of the guest experiences. And that is where we can help you at Servr. We provide completely automated, simple, and customizable solutions that will usher hotels into the next generation by consolidating all guest services into a single platform, right on your visitors’ phones. Let your contactless hotel guest experience quest begin with us! Join the revolution now. Book a demo or get a free trial today. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and your contactless solutions.


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