The Covid-19 outbreak has affected every aspect of the hospitality industry. The industry needs to diversify and adopt new strategies to bounce back. The use of software-based custom applications for hotel management might prove to be very beneficial.

Tools for digitization

The world has become more technologically advanced in the last two decades. This has made almost all of our tasks a lot easier and more time-saving. However, the same can’t be said for the hospitality industry. While many hotels use computer databases to log customer details and provide users with the option of online bookings, they lack in other areas. To overcome this challenge, the management can make a shift to software-based online tools like:

Early Online Check-In Facility

There is one common cause for frustration for every hotelier, the check-in and check-out procedure. Here, a hotel reservation custom application that allows the guest to check-in before-hand would be well received. One can easily type in their details as opposed to standing uncomfortably at a desk and writing down details. By upgrading the front office operations in hotels, the customer need not stand in crowded lines, a definite advantage in the time of Covid-19. Switching to a well-designed and functioning software application will allow the guest to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free check-in and check-out experience. In these interesting times, the facility of online early check-in would be a selling point for the hotel.

Online Payments Portal

Moreover, through online hotel billing software, all the finances can be managed swiftly. Visitors can also be shown room upgrade options, restaurant and bar deals, and other advertising through the very same application, making it more likely for guests to avail extra services, just a click away. By integrating all the services that a guest can avail into one software it is more likely for customers to avail themselves and hence would likely generate more revenue.

Room Service Application

It’s all time-consuming to order room service. It would be a lot easier if the guest could just place an order for laundry service or request a room cleaning via customer management software The hotel management just has to place a single person at a computer to process, and direct incoming requests to the appropriate department. This would ensure timely work completion and overall customer satisfaction. Also, a feedback and rating section can be added to the app so the management can assess the performance of its employees and the services imparted. Further, automation of repetitive tasks can be done to increase the efficiency of hosts.

Concierge Service Software

Many hotels have a team of concierges that addresses the guests need. Value addition to an existing concierge panel would be a software-based concierge tool. This tool would maintain an updated database filled with

Another alternative would be to completely automate the process and adopt a completely online concierge as a part of hotel guests arrangement software that suggests and assists customers through a mobile app.

Automated Messaging

Another avenue that hotels can employ to make guests feel more welcome is automated messaging. Upon arrival, guests can be sent an automated message welcoming them to the hotel. Important information such as Wifi connectivity, restaurant timings, swimming pool, and other amenity details can also be conveyed through this medium. This would make guests feel more welcome and impart a personal experience.

Innovative Technology

Hotels can look towards investing in smart technology to improve client experience.

Hotels can go a long way towards reducing expenditure and being environmentally conscious by opting for

Installing voice assistant support and a 24*7 chat box for any assistance would be seen as a unique selling point for any hotel.


While the hospitality industry braces itself against the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, there is no better time than now to diversify and modernize the industry through innovative technology. There must be a focus on faster and more efficient means of communication and management. Hotel management has typically been a very personal experience, the approach proposed here aims to mashup the complete experience of a hotel including check-in, concierge, and everything else into a single compressed hotel management system software that is easily accessible by guests and easy to manage by the hotel staff.


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