Managing daily operations in hotels is a difficult task. When done manually, the process is prone to error. Furthermore, you will have to have your employees spend a significant amount of time performing mundane and ineffective tasks. In this case, Servr can assist you effectively by introducing a higher level of automation. It allows you to automate everything, including –

Operate with more staff efficiency, while offering the highest level of guest satisfaction.

Labor costs constitute the majority of a hotel’s overall expenses. So, how do we deal with this? The solution is to use a Servr. It ensures interdepartmental communication and allows you to improve operational capabilities while employing fewer people. You can do the following with Servr:

Data collection provides precise analysis for guest’s buying habits, allowing for more efficient inventory and wastage management.

People want convenience, and hotel guests are no exception. They want everything to be simple and within arm’s reach. Many hotels have used Servr, an app that provides guests with useful information such as nearby entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, medical facilities, and more. Servr also offers guest messaging and allows guests to communicate with the hotel via SMS.

A positive guest experience keeps customers coming back, whereas a negative one can turn them off for good. The Servr Guest Experience Platform can help improve the guest experience by empowering employees to provide exceptional service.

Many hotels have used Servr Guest experience platform where a guest’s preferences and notes have been automatically saved (where they ate during their last stay, that they prefer extra pillows, etc.) so when guests stay at the same hotel, staff can accommodate them appropriately. It’s touches of personalization like this in hotel management that make the experience much better for guests.

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