integrated check in for hotels & resorts

The travel industry is evolving, and so is the way hotels operate as we can witness that the need to adapt to the ubiquitous new normal has given rise to a plentitude of integrated check in for hotels and resorts. The hospitality industry had been jeopardized the most by the devastating outbreak of COVID-19 and needed a sure-shot formula to overcome uncertainty, restrictions, and hygiene measures, for which the solution came in the form of digitization of processes and contactless solutions. Primarily since then, hotel software has been substantive in delivering safe and flawless guest experiences surpassing all the incertitudes occurring from time to time.

The pandemic ushered new challenges, but also most definitely, new opportunities for hotels to bring forward alternative ideas to surmount barriers of predictability and attract the mood and preference of new-age tourists. Thanks to these innovative hotel technology solutions, guests can now communicate with hotels before, during, and even after their stays like never before as we all know, it’s not just about the technology, to be frank. Putting guests first and creating a welcoming environment has always been the cornerstone of all variations of the retail industry. With the emergence of integrated check in for hotels and resorts today, in fact, the majority of consumers have overtly declared that they favour these cutting-edge solutions of interaction over the conventional methodology.

According to a recent study, a jaw-dropping 90% of millennials surveyed said they’d be most interested in skipping those wearisome queues by taking a hunky-dory route with their mobile device. As a response, luckily, more and more hotels are catching on to this trend and offering digital check-in options.

In today’s fast-paced culture, guests want the check-in process to be as quick as possible so they can get on with their trip. As revealed by Forrester, guests wholeheartedly prefer this technology, and they actually expect hotels to implement smarter and more prompt operations. Even more significantly, in a recent Oracle and Skift study, 73% of travelers are more likely to stay in a hotel that offers self-service technology to minimize staff and other guest contacts as much as possible.

Apparently true, no one likes waiting in long lines, especially after a tiring journey, as an antidote to which mobile check-in not only minimizes wait times for guests; but also streamlines the check-in process for hotels, ridding staff to focus solely on fostering optimal guest satisfaction. By completely eliminating the need to fill out forms, verify IDs, and process credit cards in person, hotels can ascertain their invaluable guests are readily talking about and with all appreciation for the services they have undergone.

As we’ve stated above; for your visitors, a contactless experience means no more waiting around in the lobby –they can just arrive, collect their room key, and get straight to the room!

With the Servr’stop-flight software interface, integrated check in for hotels and resorts are now both secure and safe from any potential threat of getting hacked, because ID photos are verified with guests’ names to prevent any unauthorized entries, and this also reduces the risk of human error. It’s your primary obligation to prioritize your guests’ peace of mind and make the check-in process a breeze.

Did you know that hotels like yours can now create an eCommerce hub by offering upsells to guests as an added privilege to this innovative new-age solution? Let us make you all the more elated by informing you that, upsells have become a prevalent norm, with hotels offering everything from luxury pillows to parking fees. Not only does this provide additional revenue streams, but in the meantime, hotels can also capture precious customer data, both on demographic and psychographic fronts, for crafting future digital marketing campaigns.

Incorporating the phenomenal magic ofServr’s brilliant AI-driven application, hotels can now have a more veracious view of their real-time guest count, which enables them to respond accordingly. What makes it a win-win situation for both guests and property managers is that as it allows guests to interact with their hotel before they even arrive, they achieve more control over their overall experience while they cherish time inside your premise.

To sum up, your guests want fewer face-to-face interactions but they still crave personalized service and of course, don’t want to compromise on quality. With flawless mobile check-in software such as Servr, guests can have a seamless and comfortable journey while also feeling special and engaged with the ambience encapsulated within your setup. So for hotels, this technology is an opportunity to gather valuable insights into guests’ preferences and behaviour.

Let’s keep guest satisfaction scores high and embrace this new era of hospitality with Servr; give it a go now!


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