Contactless check-in allows hotel customers to come and check-in to their room without having to pick up a room key, visit a check-in desk, or otherwise see someone face-to-face. It is contactless in the sense that there is no touch with employees and no actual key is required.

It is often accomplished by emailing the visitor all of the information they need to access their room ahead of time through email, SMS, smartphone browser, or app and employing smart hotel door locks.

Some systems need a smartphone app to check in and may require a front desk or staff person as backup, whereas genuinely contactless check-in systems allow visitors to enter using a keycode even without a phone or app.

You can improve the efficiency of business procedures by using a contactless check-in solution. Guests will not have to wait in long lines at your welcome desk. Hoteliers may also upsell amenities, give special bargains, and sell tickets to local events or attractions using a simple kiosk or mobile app.

Contactless check-in solutions have recently emerged as the best option to personalize interactions with guests. Instead of being focused on the sale, they enable hoteliers to deliver rapid notifications. Most significantly, such systems ensure that visitors may check out quickly and easily.

There are some things you should consider before going contactless as it is critical to understand that becoming contactless does not imply adopting a faceless, clinical system. Some of the points to consider while considering contactless technology are listed below.

  1. Property: It is critical to consider the sort of property you own. The most significant barrier to access is updating your locks.
  2. Recognize Risks: Note all the risks that will come in the way in the attempt of improving guest and employee’s safety with the contactless solution and how to make sure it doesn’t affect their stay experience.
  3.  Maintain a basic and simplified approach: The operational needs of contactless hotel solutions must be straightforward and streamlined—a solution won’t stick if it’s more complex than doing things in person, or if it necessitates the purchase of additional equipment or apps.
  4. Security: Never, ever, ever compromise on security. At the heart of contactless solutions is the safety and security of all parties involved. Every new solution used at a hotel should assure the security of information and data.
  5. Finding the right solution for your hotel: Depending on your company requirements, we understand how difficult it may be to locate remote digital automation and contactless check-in solution that works for you. But in today’s contemporary, hyper-connected world, when visitors expect that kind of on-demand, digital, and customized control, it’s no more a nice-to-have. It’s critical.

A dependable contactless check-in solution includes several characteristics. However, if you are deploying such a system for the first time, it is critical to choose a basic program that interfaces nicely with other technologies on your site.

It might be difficult to select the ideal contactless check-in solution for your hotel without sufficient information. At Servr we aid the hospitality industry with various services including contactless technology. To know more about the solutions and to choose features best suited for your hotel contact us now for a free trial.


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