The contactless payment revolution is well underway! As the hotel industry is making the switch to more unique and efficient payment methods, they’re uncovering a myriad of benefits that traditional methods can’t match. But is it really time to abandon the chip and PIN or the bulky wallets and instead opt in for contactless payment apps?

The utility of contactless technology has exploded in recent years as a way to make transactions more convenient and secure. COVID-19 has obviously been an accelerant in the adoption of this new normal and it is now playing a pivotal role in the hospitality sector. Hoteliers of every size are now increasingly becoming reliant on these alternative methods to ensure that their guest experience is smooth and flawless.

Servr GuestX is a leading pioneer in the domain of hotel operation software, so it is no more a revelation to say that hoteliers all across are exploring a massive deal of opportunities to innovate with our cutting-edge technology.

As this phenomenon becomes more and more commonplace, you can easily make sure that your guests are spared any unnecessary trouble. All they have to do is hold their card or device within two inches of the processing machine when prompted. Once approved, they’ll know with a green light, a beep, or some other notification that they have successfully been able to complete the transaction.

For those looking for a more feasible way to pay for hotel stays, this pathbreaking technology operates by connecting your credit or debit card to a smartphone app. With the tap of a screen, your guests can fix their next reservation in no time! Additionally, some types of smartwatches are now capable of accepting this contactless system, and it is anticipated that it is going to unroll even more rapidly in the not-so-distant future.

In addition, the system uses several proprietary encryption algorithms that make the hospitality industry furthermore inclined toward these payment integration systems. If one of your guests accidentally loses their card or phone, there is zilch risk of their personal information getting accessible to a third party. This also applies if a fraudulent double transaction is suspected. Points like these will definitely give your guests added fulfilment during their stay. Contactless payments use an advanced form of wireless encryption that virtually eliminates the possibility of data loss or corruption.

Onboarding new users and improving the user experience when it comes to transactions have always been key factors in achieving higher booking and retention rates. Contactless payment apps, along with simplifying and speeding up transactions also potentially encourage guests to spend more.

Off late, this model has always been a convenient way to pay, but specifically, after the outbreak of COVID-19, considering the degree of adversities the world has undergone throughout this long frightening period, they are taking on a whole new magnitude of significance. By reducing contact points for both the receptionist and guests, mobile payment solutions promote more hygiene and cleanliness while checking in or out.

To conclude, if your hotel business is truly gearing up for the much-awaited revamp, let us remind you, technology has paved way for opportunities to take hospitality to an altogether new horizon. Incorporating hotel operations software not only amplifies customer satisfaction but also provides numerous other facilities to your hotel services such as mobile check-in/out systems, optimized point-of-sale options, and smart systems for things like heating and air conditioning control. And all this leads to increased relief and efficiency, something we can all get on board with. Sounds convincing?

As this industry carries on with this incremental transformation, willingness to adapt is the only cue in keeping up with emerging customer demands and market trends. But are you still skeptical about where to begin? Let Servr assist you fast-track your business growth by automating all the mundane, repetitive tasks. Whether you’re looking to update your point-of-sale system, upgrade your customer loyalty programs, or find easier ways to communicate with potential customers, we have a sure-shot resolution for everything. It’s time for you to invest in your business and let us do the heavy lifting — our enthusiastic team of professionals is always here to help you grasp this whole procedure!



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