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For most travellers with an insatiable aesthetic thirst, it’s quite difficult to imagine there are still some authentically wild and unspoiled corners left on the surface of this congested planet. But they can find just that in Indonesia; appropriately God’s own land which is sure to give every traveller something to marvel at and revel in. With its resplendent beaches, exotic water villas on blissfully surreal islands, harmonious tribes, and exuberant cultural soul, this Southeast Asian destination is nothing short of mesmerizing for pure contemplative amazement. For outdoor adventurers, they can take their pick from scuba diving among rare species to biking on one of its active volcanoes. If city life is more of your guests’ temperament, Jakarta and Yogyakarta will definitely leave them in absolute splits and instil everlasting memories to be cherished for eternity. They’ll be startled with disbelief as all the enigma-filled natural wonders of this land unravel in front of their own eyes – from picturesque rice paddies to sparkling lakes and dazzling temples among everything else.

In short, whatever your guests are looking for from a trip abroad, they’ll find it in Indonesia – it’s a paradise for travellers who yearn for breathtaking experiences and explore fascinating cultural prevalence.

While your guests get geared up for their next dosage of unwinding and invigoration; for intelligent hoteliers like you to stay on top of your game, it’s no longer just about a mere satisfactory hospitality experience. This industry has got you to think outside the box and start incorporating innovative solutions into your system, like this contactless payment app in Indonesia, for your guests so they can continue planning dream vacations without any hiccups.

A new wave has just hit the hospitality real estate market in Indonesia and this invincible phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down any soon. According to a recent report, the tourism industry is set to expand by an estimated $21.93 billion within the forecasted time span until 2026, showing a compound annual growth rate of 11.81%. This promising trend presents an array of new opportunities and growth for stakeholders in the sector. It goes beyond saying that hotels and lodging establishments are at the pinnacle of this jaw-dropping escalation and makes up a sizable portion of the overall hospitality real estate market. This is mainly attributed to the country’s steady influx of international tourists, as well as an increase in local people who enjoy taking weekend or seasonal getaways, giving hoteliers a plethora of opportunities to capitalize on the country’s booming tourism sector.

A closer look at tourism in Indonesia reveals an interesting discrepancy. Domestic tourists outnumber international visitors, but international visitors spend almost twice as much per visit. Unfortunately, in the wake of the global pandemic in 2020, Indonesia was hit brutally hard by the adverse economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, resulting in a dramatic reduction in foreign visitors and domestic trips. The Indonesian government came up with a very reasonable plan to fruitfully tackle this perplexing circumstance and bring back tourists from all over the globe, as well as stimulate domestic tourism. As part of the strategy, they have allocated up to IDR 72 billion (USD 5.2 million) to incentivize influencers who are morally prudent enough and take accountability for promoting the nation.

It’s been a bumpy road to recovery in the travel and tourism industry ever since the eruption of that disgusting virus, but encouraging figures from the last year prove that light is at the end of the tunnel. International visitor arrivals into the country from January to December 2021 totalled 1.56 million, a 61% decrease compared to the same period in 2020. However, come February 2022 foreign tourist arrivals were boosted with further restrictions easing and with visitors coming mainly by air, totalling a 97% jump for the month. This optimistic trend continued into February 2022, with the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia at 336,000 – demonstrating resilience and opportunities ahead.

A recent forecast from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is projecting a surge in domestic and international tourists for 2023. The predicted range for international tourists lies between 3.5 – 7.4 million, and 1.2 – 1.4 billion domestic trips, creating greater demand for premium accommodation options. This will no doubt have a significant positive impact on the hospitality industry as travellers look to upgrade their stays with lucrative amenities that meet their desired comfort levels. Exciting times for sure are ahead for hoteliers of all sizes and dispositions.

The pandemic has shifted our lives in numerous ways, especially in the hospitality sector where contactless technology is now the new normal. Hoteliers all across now have had to make considerable adjustments to accommodate the changing reality and keep customers safe, complacent, and returning back more often. Here at Servr, we wholeheartedly realize and agree upon the fact that customer security and experience are the topmost priorities for diligent players like you – which is exactly why we recommend you leverage the trailblazing technology to ensure optimal guest fulfilment while substantially minimizing the risks of contamination.

If the idea of having to speak with the hotel staff about the whereabouts of their stay gives your visitors a lingering sense of anxiety and nightmare, contactless hospitality may be their perfect savior, simply because it minimizes human contact and takes them through a hassle-free and uncomplicated interaction from start to finish. Cultural and language differences many a time can add to this stress, making this uniquely innovative solution all the more attractive and feasible to many.

How about making sure that each of your customers undergoes a level of extra warmth and luxury as unique as theirs? Thanks to this contactless payment app in Indonesia, the power is completely in your hands. This cutting-edge technology can store personal data and use it to deliver bespoke services catered to visitors’ individual tastes, from automated check-in to concierge services that provide tailored recommendations and support. It’s high time for you to step into this post-industrial society and revolutionize your guest experience — try out Servr’s Commission-based plan today, you don’t have to pay a single penny unless your first reservation is generated.

This AI-driven technology not only makes for a cordial hotel environment but also lets you delve deep into the most invaluable analytics and insights into customer trends. Servr’s digital hospitality tools give you access to all the data you need – from booking the accommodations, all the way to testimonials, you’ll get real-time customer feedback to give you the most informed decision possible. Now more than ever before, AI-driven solutions are becoming a necessary tool to stay competitive. Take your business one step further and make the most of these pioneering toolkits with this best contactless payment app in Indonesia now!


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