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Through these years, the hospitality industry is tremendously exploding in growth and is on the cutting edge of fostering unbelievably prodigious experiences for the customers it strives to serve. In order to keep up with this persistent demand, it’s even more essential for hoteliers to utilize a proper hotel management tool to adequately maximize the guest experience – not to forget, the ground rule is to remain honest to your foremost obligations and not by contriving or any kind of shortcut. What’s more, you need to realize the actual purpose and end goal of your business – engaging customers and obtaining genuine, honest customer reviews are paramount to keeping operations running efficiently without any trouble.

Running a hotel is no trivial feat, especially during these unpredictable times the entire industry is undergoing. With such an umpteen number of things to keep track of — reservations, housekeeping, billing, customer service — it’s normal to get overwhelmed in today’s chaotic atmosphere of nerve-racking competition. That’s why hotels around every corner are now turning their head to the stupendous power of technology and AI to help streamline all the necessary operations of everyday existence.

Enter Servr’s hotel management tool. This intuitive, cloud-based platform automates a variety of everyday tasks and provides an effortless booking and guest experience from scratch to finish. From optimizing check-in and check-out processes, regulating housekeeping activities, and creating reports in a blink – Servr offers hotels of all sizes a convenient upper hand in today’s hyper-dynamic landscape.

Good communication between guests and staff can make or break a customer’s experience in the hospitality industry. While automated check-in/out services may provide an easier entry and exit for customers, the significance of interpersonal communication should not be overlooked in any way. Our latest research has revealed that not only does increased retention rate and loyalty amongst guests and staff make an observable difference to their satisfaction level, but additional services such as complimentary amenities will also greatly magnify the quality of their overall stay. Taking these simple steps is like scratching the surface of enhancing your guest’s experience — show them your real commitment and appreciation in new ways every day.

Put together, this simple three-step approach ensures your customers leave happy and fulfilled: automate the process, foster pleasant communication, and add value with extras.

Is your online presence lagging? Are you struggling to involve visitors as soon as they walk into your hotel or hospitality lobby?

If you are really willing to stand out from the crowd of mediocrity in your space, please make sure you’re using the right AI solution that makes your guests feel welcomed, warm, and taken care of. Guest-facing software such as Servr integrates seamlessly with your digital presence; and is perfect for handling guest inquiries, bookings & reservations, room amenities control (thermostats, door locks, and TV), and more. On top of everything, guests get the added luxury of being able to check the accessibility of your hotel activities directly from the convenience of their smartphones within seconds!

To sum it up, are you really invested in automating and delivering a contactless guest experience that offers top-notch service and a pleasurable experience? Is it possible at all to overturn the hotel industry without manual intervention?

With Servr GuestX it certainly is. By offering a contactless, automated experience, our partners were able to blow up their hotel revenue by 80%, improve guest fulfilment by 75%, and reduce front desk expenses by 50%. This Artificial Intelligence powered system is quick to integrate into any existing PMS in seconds.

Discover what a thumping degree of the difference this phenomenal hotel management tool could bring to your business today!


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