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Have you felt the incredible shift that has been persistently transpiring in the hospitality industry? Hotel owners, management, and employees all across are now better equipped with hotel operations software, designed to empower hoteliers in creating a better and more efficient business process. Over the years we’ve seen Artificial Intelligence become progressively integrated into the industry and how that has paid dividends. Whether it be inventory management, booking systems, or an all-in-one operations software solution, the impact of the adoption of technology has allowed the hospitality sector to operate smarter and smoother than ever before! It would be unreasonably foolish for emerging hoteliers to not take advantage of these benefits by embracing new hotel automation solutions.

Today’s hotel managements are extremely demanding and complex. It takes time, energy, and a stupendous amount of money to run a hotel properly — and that’s before considering guests’ and staff’s needs. To help tackle these pressures, AI technology has become enormously in demand, helping reduce human resources costs by automating many of the processes traditionally completed by manual labour. Hotel operations software is unarguably an excellent choice for streamlining processes and concentrating on repetitive administrative formalities. With the correct software in place, managers can now devote more of their time to entertaining guests, developing team culture, and revising revenue strategies; instead of spending hours on paperwork and spreadsheets. This is the reason why investing in the right system could make a plethora of differences.

Servr GuesX brings you a full-fledged hotel management solution, packed with powerful tools and analytics that lets you dive deep into the most convenient insights into your customers’ preferences and feedback. This in turn enables you to optimize performance and take your business to an altogether new horizon.

More often than you realize, your guests are fed up with the long check-in lines, overly slow checkout times, and minimal service offerings they receive – all of which are a byproduct of dull, outdated approaches. In this exceedingly competitive market, never settle for a lack of options and the ensuing unsatisfied guests. You don’t need to suffer any longer — in this day and age, you must utilize the potential of the ever-evolving technology to automate mundane procedures and drive greater guest satisfaction. Everything from AI-driven chatbots to additional services such as luggage handling, restaurant bookings, and travel can all be added to assure that your customers are merrier and coming back more frequently.

Another point, if you are looking for definite ways to make your hotels-digital presence stand out, one of the most pivotal steps is to get the right software that fulfils all of your necessities. Your website must include user-friendly utilities such as hotel reservation engines, pop-ups, and a visitor portal – all with the intent to deliver an enhanced user experience. Search engines evaluate how users react while interacting with a website and prioritize websites with more attractive and visually engaging interfaces.

Do you know the most prevailing reason why businesses squander reservations? Lacking the adequate faculty to accurately set prices. In this ruthless scenario of today, it is essential to provide customers with a straightforward pricing tool that allows you to optimize revenue and make sure that you don’t miss out on potential bookings. With this in mind, we recommend having the toolkit for creating and customizing rate dependencies, rates of products, offers, and directives like package rates; these are all mandatory features for any business looking to set its pricing efficiently.

An efficacious hospitality cloud system should be your first preference if you don’t want to compromise on scalability and methodical growth. These systems grant you the flexibility of quickly connecting to a channel manager, promoting your property and services across OTAs and third-party booking services, that attract more customers and regulate their experience with real-time metrics. Plus, as we touched upon previously, integrated codes let you measure, optimize and analyze your hotel performance for insights and ROI.

Last but not the least, as a hotel business owner, market and audience segmentation are two must-have capabilities. A Hotel operations software like Servr guarantees you the unimaginable power to gather, inspect and report on crucial data like demographics and buying behaviours of your visitors. With this awareness, you can ideate smart advertising decisions to better target the right people for your business, optimize your advertising budget and increase long-term revenue trends.

So, it’s time to ditch complicated commission structures for a simpler solution. From the no upfront charges to the flexibility of the pricing plan, we’ve designed our Commission based plan to make it as seamless as using the app itself. So what’s resisting you from giving it a try?


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